1. Developing vital churches.
  2. Equipping and training current and future leaders.
  3. Planting churches and opening up new regions.

Vital Church Development

Mission Station at Collique, Lima. Developed by Jerry Acosta and his wife Edith Varillas. Both are seminarians training for ordination.

  • Discipleship and leadership development;
  • Social and spiritual transformation;
  • Holistic mission;
  • Social outreach, evangelism and church planting;
  • Spider parish model;
  • Catechesis (children, youth, adults)
  • Development of middle-class ministry;
  • Anglican identity.

In Peru our ministry is one of seeking transformation that is social as well as spiritual.  It is “holistic” mission with social outreach, a priority on Christian discipleship and Anglican identity.  Evangelism is on the “spider pattern” where new church planting is based on parish outreach.  We are developing our ministry to both middle class and poor.


  • The 40 Year Plan;

    Teaching lay studies

    Teaching lay leaders

  • Accreditation of the Seminary courses (Christ Church Anglican University, Canterbury?)
  • Possibility of on site Doctor of Ministry
  • Ongoing courses for clergy: emphasis on discipleship training; Anglican studies; holiness and spiritual maturity.
  • Development of current teaching curriculum program: to include holistic mission and work among the poor;
  • Leadership and character building.
  • Greater coordination in the discernment of candidates for ordination.
  • Development of studies by extension for new regions.

We are focusing on a forty year plan to develop and train Peruvian Church leaders, clergy and lay.  We are looking for potential Peruvian bishops who can be both trained and educated to the highest levels and participate on the wider Anglican stage.  Our seminary is looking to expand with certificates in ministry to the poor, Anglican studies, discipleship training.  Our clergy will continue to be trained in holiness and for spiritual maturity.

Seminarians leading worship in Villa el Salvador, Lima

Church planting, new regions.

  • Develop the vision of pro-dioceses and missionary bishops.
  • First missionary bishop in South-Central Region (Ica, Ayacucho, Huancayo).
  • Passion for the lost.
  • Division of the country into Missionary Regions.
  • Vision of future Province of the Andes.

We envision six regions.  Currently we minister from Lima, Ica and Arequipa.  These areas represent: Lima, the region east and south of Lima, and the area in the south, bordered by Chile and Bolivia.  Our plan is to minister to the north of Lima based in Trujillo and then further north on both sides of the Andes.  For Ica/Ayacucho, south central Peru, we have consecrated a new missionary bishop evangelist – Mike Chapman. Bishop Godfrey envisions a new Anglican Province of the Andes in collaboration with Bolivia.

Edith Varillas, seminarista, teaching in Collique, Lima

How God has blessed us since 1998.

  • In 1998 there was one trained Peruvian clergyman, four untrained and two SAMS missionary clergy.
  • We now have thirty one clergy and twenty three licensed lay ministers serving the diocese.  There are nine missionary clergy and eight lay missionaries.
  • In 1998 we had three Peruvian congregations, one English and five house churches.
  • The diocese has a seminary with two campuses,  fifty groups (parishes, mission stations and house churches) who gather for worship weekly.
  • We have elected a new Bishop Evangelist for Ica/Ayacucho and have Provincial authority to elect two more when appropriate.
  • We offer training for ministry in Lima and in Arequipa.  We train for ordained and lay ministry.

2 responses to “Vision

  1. Deanna Carmical

    My name is Deanna Carmical. I am a teacher of reading, writing, English, Social Studies and History. I would like to work this coming summer 2012 in a Christian outreach program. I am a voracious reader; I read a great deal of Theological writings. For the first time in my life, I feel a fullness of spirit that is bursting within me, and I want to reach out as I have so many times every day to my students, to others who may experience the All and Grace of God, and the love of Jesus. I want to help build a church if I can, or do whatever is needed to share God’s Word.

    I am 46; divorced 11 years now; have concentrated on raising my two wonderful sons, Charlie, 17 and Hank, 13, and who stay with their dad all summer long. I would be able to give my time and efforts from June through mid July. I don’t know if you need my help, but I thought I would check. I am on Facebook, although I never check it (not a relevant pasttime, but keeps me in touch with former classmates.)

    I have been reading a great deal of Oswald Chambers’ writings, and have subsuquently experienced a closer walk with God than ever before; I feel a joy, and I want to share it.

    Currently, I teach 6th, 7th, and 8th graders a (Creative/Expository) Writing Class at Coffee Middle School in Douglas, Georgia. If you have a particular program I may be a part of, please let me know. Thank you for your time.
    Deanna Carmical

    • Good Morning Deanna,
      Thank you for your inquiry and YES there are ways to explore this. Our way of receiving volunteers is to work through the Missionary society SAMS-USA. – and once on that site contact Lynn Bouterse. She handles all short term volunteer applicants as well as equips them etc. She then talks over opportunities and brings people to our attention. All possible volunteer candidates then need to be approved by our bishop and personally invited. That is where I and another colleague, Susan, play a role, which then continues with local assistance as the volunteer comes and works. Volunteers will need the full blessing of their local church and pastor as well as have to raise the necessary financial and prayer support.
      I encourage you to begin with a phone call to Lynn after looking at the SAMS site.
      Many blessings – Ian

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